Come Train with Us!

Melbourne Flames regularly train at Community Hub at The Dock

Boat Hub Gmap location

Our winter training program focuses on developing technique and encouraging new paddlers to join us (even though it's cold!). We train on Sunday mornings from 8:30am and generally spend an hour paddling on the water before gathering for a social brunch at a local coffee shop, Hooks at the yarra.

Drop us an email at  if you would like to join us. Alternatively check out Facebook and Meetup!

We provide paddles and life jackets, but you will need to:

  • wear clothing that is OK to get wet, something warm like thermals preferably
  • wear old trainers or paddling booties on your feet
  • bring a drink bottle filled with water
  • bring a hat and sunscreen
  • bring a change of warm and dry clothes

We train in all sorts of weather conditions, but will not go out on the water if there is any safety risk. We endeavour to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the nominated training time. This allows time to catch up with fellow paddlers, do a few warm up stretching exercises, get a life jacket and assist with getting the boats our of the shed and into the water.

If you are interested in finding out more about our training program or coming to our training sessions please contact us!

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