Code of Conduct

The Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club aims to provide an environment where club members are supported to develop their skills and excel in the sport of Dragon Boating.

This Code of Conduct is designed to provide a framework for appropriate behaviour to be demonstrated by all club members. This is to encourage a good social environment of acceptance, friendship and mutual respect.

The aim is to ensure members feel supported by their peers in order to develop their individual skills and make the Flames the best we can be.

Respect your fellow team mate;

  • Be considerate, courteous and honest in your dealings with fellow members and members of other teams.
  • Treat your fellow Flames members as you expect to be treated, we are all in the boats together.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all members regardless of their gender, age, ability, cultural background or religion.

Cooperate with your team;

  • Work equally hard for your team and yourself.
  • Follow the instructions of your Coaches and sweep.
  • Do not provide coaching to fellow team members without the specific instruction of our Coaches – your enthusiasm is appreciated, however our Head Coach is in charge of developing our technique and it is their place to provide advice and instruction.
  • Listen to the debriefing at the end of every session. This is an important part of the session that recaps what we have done and announces upcoming activities.

Work together to maintain our training space;

  • At each training session, assist your team to put the boats in and out of the water. Offer assistance to smaller teams who may have difficulty lifting boats up and down off the top shelves.
  • We will take the boats out of the water, stretch, debrief and wash the boat, before going to get showered /changed
  • Leave the shed and training areas in the same (or better) condition as when you arrived, if we all clean up after ourselves it makes training easy for all of us.

Behave in a socially appropriate manner;

  • Do not swear, use abusive language, use name calling or labelling, or use offensive gestures in the boat or training areas. We would like to encourage families to attend our events, develop our junior team and we do not want to offend our fellow team members.
  • Control your temper. No venting or dumping. If you have a concern regarding any matter with the team or training, please discuss this with a member of the Coaching team or Committee to work towards a solution.
  • Never attend training or a Regatta under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The use of performance enhancing drugs is prohibited in the sport of Dragon Boating. If you intend to use sporting supplements please seek the advice of a professional or discuss with the Club’s Head Coach.

Represent the Flames well whilst participating in Regattas;

  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat; congratulate good efforts be they from within our team or those we compete against.
  • Never argue with an official, if you disagree with a decision discuss it with our Club Captain or Head Coach and they will approach the official if it is considered appropriate for the team.
  • Obey the rules of the Regatta you are attending, if you are unsure of the rules ask our Club Captain, Committee members or Coaching team.